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Acorns (FS1)


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Acorns Around the World

In Acorns classroom, a display has been created to celebrate all of the children's heritage and culture. We enjoyed learning about where our families come from, and are now here together as part of the St. Louis family.

Holly & Cherry (FS2)


Click through below to see what we’ve been getting up to lately.

Making Diyas for Diwali

Last week we learnt about Diwali and made our own Diyas using clay. We always have play dough available to the children in the classroom so having the opportunity to handle and manipulate clay was quite an interesting change for the children but look at the...


Olga da Polga, who is that?

We have begun exploring the background to our new story, Olga da Polga.  It is a Michael Bond story about a guinea pig.  We are looking forward to finding out about her adventures. This week we have been inferring what might have been in the holey box that arrived in...


Investigating Shadows

Lime class made shadow puppets from black paper and lolly-pop sticks.  Then they pretended their torches were the sun to try and make their puppet's shadows longer and shorter. We also explored shadows and how they change during the day.


Creation Silhouettes

In Oak we have been learning about how the world was created. We have found out that God created the world and all the amazing things on it! We made our own beautiful silhouettes to remind us of all the beautiful things God has given us.


Martial Arts Day!

On Wednesday, Master Wayne visited the school to teach the children martial arts. Elm Class learnt a karate routine and some basic self-defence.


West Stow Trip

We had a fantastic day at West Stow Saxon Village. The children really loved exploring the Saxon houses and finding out about how they lived by getting hands on in the Museum.


Enquiry into Tooth Decay

Sycamore thought about the importance of cleaning their teeth after seeing the effects of certain liquids on egg shells after one week. The egg shell represented the enamel that protects their teeth.


Welcome back!

Welcome back, another busy week has been and gone.  We have had our photos taken, learned about factors of numbers and written letters about our vocations, to name a few things! Here is a lovely, bright picture of us wearing red to Stand Up to Racism! This was the...


What a week!

This week we explored friction in our Science lesson as we made predictions and tested how different strings would affect the speed of items travelling down them. We had much discussion on different variables that could affect the outcome and ensured that these were...


Investigating Forces!

Maple class used Newton metres to investigate and compare forces acting on classroom objects.


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House Points

  • Bautain: 200
  • Colmar: 148
  • Breck: 136
  • Humann: 135

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