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Acorns (FS1)


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Cake Sale Purchase

Thank you to everyone who baked and/or bought from the Acorns cake sale! Through your support and generosity the children in Acorns now have a new basketball hoop to enjoy. This is great for their physical development, sharing, turn-taking and number skills. THANK...

Holly & Cherry (FS2)


Click through below to see what we’ve been getting up to lately.

Mouldy bread leads to more experiments…

The children have noticed changes in our bread experiment and have delighted in looking at it a bit closer. It has taken a few weeks but the bread has started to change in appearance. Our discussion about the mould that has started to grow on the bread has led to the...


The Lord is Risen!

I know you have been waiting to find out about the last egg!  Are you ready? 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . GO! Was that what you eggspected?  (expected!)  Did the disciples know that the tomb would be empty?  The empty tomb shows us just how much we are loved and how...



Lime class had an exciting art lesson on Wednesday this week. A few weeks ago they had made clay squares with designs cut into them. This week the clay had finished drying and the children were finally able to print with them. This was done by putting the clay on the...


The Battle of Hastings

In Oak we have been learning about 'The Normans and Castles'. The children have found out about the Norman invasion of England in 1066. They have enjoyed learning about the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings. They were surprised to find out that when King...


Seaside Kennings!

Elm Class were inspired by our current literacy text, Gregory Cool, to write kennings poems about the sea. We listened to sounds, watched a video of the waves lapping against the shore, and looked at paintings to inspire us.  


Our Class Mass

Today in Beech we had a really peaceful and joyous Mass. Father Christopher helped us reflect on how we can serve God and we heard all about the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society. We were thrilled that some of our families were able to join us too.


Sycamore Class Mass

On Tuesday 25th February, Father Christopher kindly came to celebrate mass with Sycamore class. Our theme was centred around serving God in other people, and we learned some interesting facts about Shrove Tuesday after the service as well.


Marvellous Light

In Science we have begun to look at light and how it travels.  We used ourselves to model how light travels as you can see here in this picture of a boy viewing a worm..!


And breathe…

We've made it! Halfway through the year already... Apologies for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks; they've been written but apparently ICT had also decided that it was winding down to half-term... Speaking of ICT, the iPad battery is flat too so no photos...


UKS2 Anglian Water Presentation and Workshop

Richard, from Anglian Water came into school to teach the pupils about water treatment, storage and provision in the Newmarket area. We learned about the cleaning of sewage and where else water may have been before we drink it! Based on their learning, the children...


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