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Saving the carpet from the puppy!

Having had a close look at animals including humans during our science lessons, Mrs. Cox pretend that she had brought Lola in to visit.  Unfortunately Lola 'made such a mess' that she had to go straight home before she could see the children! The class then helped to...

What, it’s the end already?!

It has been a busy but enjoyable end to this year in Hazel Class. We’ve been merrily finishing off our work, preparing ourselves for next year and, still, popping out on the odd trip or two! This week we have been to the local cemetery so see the war graves linking to...

St Louis Day!

Acorns enjoyed participating in their running race on St.Louis Day. Well done Acorns!

And that’s a wrap!

Phew! What a week! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday saw the children pull off three brilliant productions of Joseph; needless to say that they were very excited about the whole thing. I don't think we'll be able to see a beard again without thinking of the hairy...

Sun and smiles at the Newmarket Primary School Games

Year 4 enjoyed a gorgeous morning of sunshine at the Primary School Games recently. The competitors had a fantastic time running, throwing, jumping, balancing, weaving, passing and cheering each other on throughout a range of different activities. They were so...

Nuns, Pyramids and Horses…what a week

If it’s possible, it’s been an even crazier week here in Hazel Class.  We were priveleged to have a visit from the Daughters of Divine Charity to assist with our RE assessment and we learnt some really interesting things about the sisters. Our production of Joseph was...

A revisit of our Pentecost song

Here is a quick viewing of our Pentecost song!  We hope you like it! Holy Spirit; rushing wind; tongues of flame; dove of peace; help us...

A trip to sunny Hunny

Friday morning, bright and early saw KS1 heading to the coast.  After a pleasant if seemingly long ("Are we nearly there yet?" - !!!!) journey we arrived to a beautiful sunny day at the Hunstanton Coast.  We walked along the cliff top from the lighthouse at Old...

Visit to Hunstanton and the Sealife Centre

Key Stage 1 had an excellent time when we visited Hunstanton and the Sealife Centre! We started the day at the lighthouse and walked along the top of the cliff. We then walked along the promenade, stopped for lunch and continued to the SeaLife Centre. In the...


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