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Knowledge hunts, spiritual quiet, cloth cutting…

Hello! Apologies for the delay in getting this up but here we go... This week has involved hunting for, and organising, knowledge about Henry VIII's wives around the classroom... We had a lovely UKS2 Mass on Thursday morning; the children behaved impeccably, read...

Night Fever

This week we learnt some Disco moves in our PE unit about dance through the decades (see below). We have also learnt about different creation stories and all of Henry VIII’s different wives.  We made origami History Tellers for this, to test our friends and family!...

Shape, space and measures

Some children in Acorns enjoyed exploring shape and space by making arrangements using a range of resources to experiment with.

Picasso Portraits

In Oak, the children have created their own abstract portraits based on the work of Pablo Picasso. The children used a mixture of warm and cold colours to create two different portraits and then combined these to make an abstract picture.   Head of a Women -...

Investigating Shadows

Lime class made shadow puppets from black paper and lolly-pop sticks.  Then they pretended their torches were the sun to try and make their puppet's shadows longer and shorter. We also explored shadows and how they change during the day.

We have been very busy…

We have been very busy in Cherry and Holly class. The children have been interested in linking cubes and seeing how tall they can build a tower. The children needed the help of Mrs Bryan to hold it because the tower was so tall! Having made incredibly tall towers the...

UKS2 Mass

UKS2 pupils and staff enjoyed Mass in church with Father Christopher today. Our service centred on the universe, our God and the Christian Story of Creation.

Creation or the Big Bang?

UKS2 pupils spent some time investigating and discussing which is more accurate: the Christian story of Creation or the Big Bang theory. Or whether there may be truth in both and they could work alongside each other. This is a pictorial representation of their work...


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