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Pentecost Party

Foundation Stage children enjoyed celebrating Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit with an original song written by Mrs Smith.

More, more Joseph

Another week has flown by, full of rehearsals, horses and WWII rationing. Homework: Learn the Year 5/6 Statutory...

Football Fanatic

"I love sport. Sport is really good for you, it keeps you fit and healthy." "What is your favourite sport?" "My favourite sport is football." Following on from this short conversation, we watched a short video of the England women's football team playing in the...

Puddles, ducks and boats!

Some children in Acorns took advantage of the wet weather and our very large puddle which appeared overnight! Great (wet) fun was had by hooking-a-duck and identifying the number written underneath, sailing boats and then attempting to retrieve...

Year 6 Fundraiser

On Friday the Year 6's ran a number of stalls to raise money for their end of year celebrations. They raised a total of...

Science Workshop

On Tuesday, all of Year 3 came together and enjoyed a Science workshop on habitats led by staff from St Benedict’s.

Hearts and Blood Cells

This week we had lots of fun with some science teachers from St Benedicts who came in to teach us about the circulatory system.  They brought a real heart for us to examine and most of us were brave enough to touch it! This week’s homework  is to bring in all costumes...

Getting to the heart of the matter…

This afternoon, the Year 5s had their yearly visit from the Science staff from St Benedict's and had the brilliant opportunity to watch a dissection of a lamb's heart. It's safe to say that virtually everybody found it absolutely fascinating and loved seeing all of...


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