Holly & Cherry’s learning adventures

We get up to all sorts of amazing things here at St. Louis Academy. Click one of our recent learning adventures below to read it in full.

Mouldy bread leads to more experiments…

The children have noticed changes in our bread experiment and have delighted in looking at it a bit closer. It has taken a few weeks but the bread has started to change in appearance. Our discussion about the mould that has started to grow on the bread has led to the...

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Why do we need to wash our hands?

Recently we have been thinking about what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy. To help the children understand the importance of washing their hands we have carried out an experiment using some bread. One slice of bread was handled while wearing surgical gloves...

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Rugby playing pals!

The children had a great game of rugby on the Astroturf this week. They met so many aspects of our curriculum areas of communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. It's lovely for us to see the children learning...

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Now that we are in the season of Advent, we have made our Advent wreaths and have been learning about the meaning of the candles during our RE lessons. We lit our first purple candles of hope and love and the children made thoughtful suggestions for others in the...

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Making Diyas for Diwali

Last week we learnt about Diwali and made our own Diyas using clay. We always have play dough available to the children in the classroom so having the opportunity to handle and manipulate clay was quite an interesting change for the children but look at the...

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We have been very busy…

We have been very busy in Cherry and Holly class. The children have been interested in linking cubes and seeing how tall they can build a tower. The children needed the help of Mrs Bryan to hold it because the tower was so tall! Having made incredibly tall towers the...

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Our school is a thriving Christian community where our children are central to everything that we do. Adults and children enjoy working together to achieve their full potential.

House Points

  • Bautain: 200
  • Colmar: 148
  • Breck: 136
  • Humann: 135

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