RSE with Year 6 Pupils

RSE with Year 6 Pupils

All Year 6 pupils worked with Mrs Feehan to study the Relationships and Sex Teaching Programme missed from the Autumn term last year. ‘God loves me in my changing development’ explores the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty and allows children to...
Beaks, bugs and evolution.

Beaks, bugs and evolution.

In order to investigate evolution and adaptations, Larch class took on the roles of spoon-beaked, fork-beaked and pencil-beaked birds in different environments. The population of spoon-beaked birds quickly fell as they were unable to scoop up pasta bugs from small...
Our Special Places

Our Special Places

As part of our wellbeing and power of reading unit, “Here We Are”, Larch class created boxes representing some special places to them, both real and imaginary.
And breathe…

And breathe…

We’ve made it! Halfway through the year already… Apologies for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks; they’ve been written but apparently ICT had also decided that it was winding down to half-term… Speaking of ICT, the iPad battery is flat...

Fantastic fractions and raging rivers…

Apologies for the delay in this post… This week, the Year 5s have been finishing their research on the largest rivers in the UK and presenting their findings back to the Year 6s who have been powering through their test week! The Y5s also had a look at...


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