We love rugby!

We love rugby!

In Foundation Stage we always challenge stereotypes around gender! Our keenest rugby players are pictured here. These children have worked at developing their skills and one of our featured children even asked for (and got!) a rugby ball for Christmas because she is...
Our mystery is solved!

Our mystery is solved!

As you may recall we were anxious in FS2 to reunite our lost baby clown with his friends from the circus. Well the other day we received a letter to let us know that he had gone back to th circus with his friends. We were all very relieved that our story had a happy...
We have found the intruder

We have found the intruder

Our surveillance camera has taken pictures of the intruder when he returned to the school. It is a baby clown who was left behind when the circus left town. We have done a Google search to find out where the circus has gone and we have written many letters to let the...
We discover that an intruder has been…

We discover that an intruder has been…

When we were on the AstroTurf on Friday some of the children spotted evidence that there had been an intruder in the school grounds! We decided to carry out an investigation to find out what had been going on. Mr Rolfe let us set up a camera in Oak class over the...


Our school is a thriving Christian community where our children are central to everything that we do. Adults and children enjoy working together to achieve their full potential.

House Points

  • Bautain: 200
  • Colmar: 148
  • Breck: 136
  • Humann: 135

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