I’ve made a mistake!

Hello! I hope that you’re having a good half term break… As I’m sat at my desk (it’s so peaceful!) going through some bits and pieces for the children, I’ve discovered a mistake in the word problems; the third question should read:

A book shop decides to check how many books they’ve got in stock but the computer is broken! They know that there are 3940 books in total and that 457 of these are adventure books. There are 254 fewer spooky stories than adventure books; there are double the number of cookery books than spooky books. There are 74 books that have been damaged. The rest of the books are comedy and fantasy. There are 6 times as many comedy books than fantasy books. How many of each are there?

Apologies for that; clearly a bit if end-of-half-term brain wobble…

As the following piece of work from last week shows though, at least the children were still going strong!

A rather well done diagram of the Earth in space (obviously not quite to scale with the Sun!) at 23 degrees (having been rounded from 23.4 degrees), drawn accurately with a compass and protractor and all labelled. Well done them!


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