Changes in Rowan this week

We have had such an exciting week in Rowan Class.  Our biggest news is that we looked after our chrysalides so well that, by lunchtime today, we had FIVE beautiful butterflies.  In R.E. we have been talking about beginnings, so this afternoon we released two of them in our prayer garden so that they could begin their family  journey to Africa!  (Mrs Cox will release the others when they are ready – or we will do it on Monday if the weather is not dry enough over the weekend!)  We have loved coming in every day and counting our chrysalides.  We even had the opportunity to watch our last butterfly unfurl and dry its wings because it must have emerged as we were walking up the stairs from playtime.  WOW!  All creation Bless the Lord.    Look carefully, can you see it looking at you? We were very                                                                                                                                             careful only to let                                                                                                                                 the  butterflies walk on us!

We have also been talking about the changing seasons in science and class has made a fantastic ‘Seasons’ display.  Every day we talk about the weather when we change our calendar.  I wonder when we will start needing our winter coats?  We definitely    need our waterproof ones every day at the moment!

And we have been changing ourselves!  We took our photos and made them into abstract art, in the style if some of Picassos’ work.  Do you recognise us?  Every day we are at school we change our brains (they are getting bigger every day) and this week we have been looking at ways we can change numbers from parts to wholes.

I can’t wait to see what changes  we make happen next week!


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