Talks, Trips and the Holy Spirit…

The end of the half-term is already upon us!

What’s been going on this week:

  • Production auditions: most of the UKS2 children auditioned for parts in this year’s play; many of them did very well, with some showing some excellent courage to stand up in front of everyone and sing, read or recite poetry. Well done!
  • Production rehearsals: the children all have their parts and their scripts now so their homework is to LEARN all of their words. You can find the songs on Youtube (as many parents have already been experiencing…!)
  • Pentecost party: now that the ‘S’ word is over, we have also turned our heads to the Pentecost Party which will be on Monday 9th. The children have their lyrics for this and they are already sounding pretty good, despite only having a couple of practices!
  • History talk: on Monday, we had the pleasure of Alison coming in to visit us from Burwell Museum; she spoke with us about WWII and showed us different objects that were used during the war in the local area, including helmets and gas masks. The children asked some really great questions which were then followed up by…
  • Our trip to Duxford! What a lovely sunny day to enjoy Duxford! We saw goodness knows how many planes, went on Concord, explored the D-Day section in Hanger 8 and even made our own mini documentaries. The biggest highlight though was probably talking to John who had been evacuee during the war; he spoke to the children about his experiences and explained some of the exhibits to them, including what it was like to be in an Anderson shelter.
  • Transition: some of our children also had their first transition day up to the Academy; they came back full of beans and seemed to have really enjoyed it… bring on September!


Talk with Alison; the D-Day experience at Duxford


Filming our documentaries at Duxford in Hanger 4; finding the answers to our Duxford quiz / treasure hunt

Exploring ways that we could show experiences of the Holy Spirit; learning our Pentecost party lyrics!

Cover photo: production rehearsals in the Jubilee Woodlands.


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