Freedom… finally!

The children have made it and a HUGE well done to them! They Year 6s have worked incredibly hard for their SATs this week and coped very well with the challenges set before them; the Y5s have also completed their assessments this week and they’re looking pretty good!

To celebrate the end of a long week, the children have been introduced to our summer production… Joseph! They will be auditioning on Monday morning with those children who have their transition day to the academy auditioning on Wednesday morning. If they would like a part, they must audition. We have gone through the entire script today and watched part of the DVD so that they know who the characters are and which parts have how many lines. They’re getting excited and have already been singing the songs during the…

Y6 celebratory picnic! Thank you for all of your food donations; the children ate LOTS of food and had a lovely extended lunch break before PE this afternoon.

Thank you for supporting your children through this ‘little’ hurdle that forms part of Y6. Now on to the production, trips and getting ready for Y7…!

PS – photos below are of the Walsh bird box at home… just as we started our new Science unit (Animals and Humans), the blue tit eggs at home started to hatch (Wednesday!). I’ve been giving them updates each day (another one hatched this morning over breakfast) and they have loved watching the recorded footage of what the babies look like and how they’re being cared for by both parents (although the mum is very definitely the better feeder… the dad has no clue!)


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