Welcome back!

Highlights of the week:

  • The children were exploring how we could improve our burglar alarms (without blowing bulbs…!) from the end of last term! After having recapped electrons, circuits and currents, we moved on to voltage to make predictions about what might happen if we increase the number of cells in the circuit. Their confidence in using their scientific knowledge is growing well and they had a very successful afternoon exploring their predictions!
  • The Y5 children have been sharing their holiday homework research which they have loved. A huge thank you must go out to those families who have clearly spent hours tracking down service numbers, old photographs and personal family stories; the children have really, really enjoyed sharing what they’ve found out and Mrs Humphries and I have also found it absolutely fascinating. So thank you for sharing with us your personal histories.
  • It might be a few days until SATs, but the children have still had their History, Science, Art and PE lessons as normal this week (plus their Friday afternoon as usual); we are trying to keep a sense of normality for them 🙂 The Y5s are doing very well and loving having some more teacher time.

Here are some pictures of us doing our Science experiments and WWII propaganda posters based on originals (but with our own twists!)… the latter was all to the music of the ‘Dad’s Army’ soundtrack and Benny Goodman 🙂

(The image at the top of the page is some descriptive writing the Year 5s have been doing based on Aaron Becker’s ‘The Journey’.)



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